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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we're going to meet a monday who is the biggest fan of all. you will have to see his sanctuary to believe it. #. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we have good news in the forecast. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen outside to fill us in. >> a beautiful morning outside. skies mostly clear anyway. >> yeah, now that the suchb is come sun is coming up, it looks pretty good and feels good, too. >> and
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didn't want to make it looks like i was running all over you. >> you didn't. >> he spreads rumors very quickly. >> we'll tweet that out. >> we have a mostly clear sky. 50s and 60s now. we'll turn to low to mid-80s later today. dry weather for most of your plans. a few showers late in the day particularly in the shenandoah valley, but nats and marlins game, dry weather, temperatures in the 70s. and right here on nbc 4, if you don't have a ticket, you can sit in your living room and watch the redskins and ravens. if you are headed to the game, temperatures in the 70s there as well. rain chances increasing for the weekend. howard county crews on the scene of a crash on 70 westbound before maryland 97. left lane only is getting by at the scene. good news in virginia, the crash on 95 north before tprince william parkly s
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accident activity was moved to the right shoulder. metro riders, red line has delays. no longer single tracking, but could have residual delays. chopper 4 toward the outer loop. should find nothing in your way. this is out near 50, there had been reports of debris in the middle roadway. hopefully nothing that will cause any trouble for you. united we stand, divided we fall. >> community reaction after finding out a d.c. police officer will not be charged for killing an unarmed black man. about a dozen people shut down new york and new jersey avenues nefts last night in protest of terrence sterling's death. >> 31-year-old terrence sterling was from ft. washington, maryland. and this case is getting attention from all over the country. #terrence sterling trended on twitter last night. >> justin finch is live at d.c. police headquarters now with more on what happens next in this developg
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>> reporter: good morning. right now a real call for answers and accountability from sterling supporters who want to know why the officer involved turned his body camera on after the shooting. and police are set to start their own probe into sterling's death. ♪ we ain't going to stop until our people are free ♪ >> reporter: supporters held an emotional vigil wednesday bringing signs and candles with them to protest the u.s. attorney's office decision to not file charges against officer brian trainer. he's the officer who shot and killed 31-year-old terrence sterling back in september after sterling crashed his motorcycle into train aer's cruiser. the next step is an internal investigation. mayor bowser says police have been in touch with train
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team. >> mpd has reached out to his lawyers askings officer to resign. >> what about you, what do you think? >> that is exactly what i think. >> reporter: the mayor went on to say there is no accountability should trainer stay on the force. we also know that the sterling family has filed a $50 million lawsuit against d.c. police. >> you mentioned that d.c. police are starting an internal investigation here. what do we know about that and how long it might last, what they are looking for? >> reporter: well, this is going to be a real holistic look at the sterling case and now the investigation. this will have witness and police accounts, sterling's autopsy, surveillance footage and much more. this should all take about 90 days or three months. at the end police want to measure the threat that sterling may have posed versus the threat that was responded with that supposed threat there. so this could be a real look by police at whether or t
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justified. back into you. >> justin finch, thank you. negotiate, don't escalates. growing concern over the increased tension between the united states and north korea. this was a rally out side the white house yesterday. protesters calling on president trump to deescalate the situation. they want renewed diplomatic talks. but all eyes are on the western pacific where north korea could be on the brink of attacking a u.s. territory. chris lawrence in the newsroom now. what's the latest? >> kim jong-un's regime says it is nearly ready to fire four missiles toward guam possibly before the end of august. and both sides are at least threatening some kind of military action. officials at the pentagon says if president trump were to order it, they have a plan for a preemptive strike on missile sites in north korea. this is some video -- new video from north korea as it stages a
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u.s. we're keeping an eye on president trump's twitter account this morning to see if he responds with anything new. 6:06. today marks one year since the horrific apartment explosion in silver spring. two children were among the seven victims who lost their lives an tonight you will have the chance to show support at a vigil. megan mcgrath will have those details in a live report ahead. he was fired for poor leadership and now the former director of d.c.'s veterans affairs hospital is back on the payroll. brian hawkens was fired after audits found mismanagement at that facility. he appealed the decision to the merit systems protection board and the board is requiring the v.a. to keep him on as an employee until his claim is reviewed. for now hawkens has been reassigned to administrative duty at v.a. headquarters. new this morning, it looks like there was no winner in last night's powerball jackpot. bu
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pot of money. the next drawing is saturday night. right now the estimated jackpot stands $356 million. and mega millions is tomorrow night, that jackpot at $382 million. >> i haven't checked my power ball yet. just in case it's a good one, i want to save that for later. tonight is the night, redskins take their moves from the training camp to the field. after weeks in richmond, they are headed to walt mobaltimore their first preseason game against theravens. one fan doesn't need anytime to get in the spirit. he stays in redskins mode 24/7. >> he might just needs more space. me l molette green is live inside that this massive fan cave.
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good morning. >> reporter: i can't show you all of it, this is way too much. on the ceiling, so every single wall and you can't do any of this -- you can't show this museum without showing you the super bowl '17 huddle right here. any tdiehard redskins want woul want this and this guy has collected it for decades. we'll meet him coming up next. >> we're excited. i've never seen anything like that. i do have a question. does he have a wife and what does she think about all this? >> reporter: oh, he does have a wife. and she has an opinion on this. you probably can guess what it is, but we'll talk about that coming up later. and we have a big surprise at the end of the hour. >> we'll look forward to that. pretty shocking already, but we'll look forward t
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surprise. and a reminder, you can only watch the redskins first preseason game against the ravens here on nbc 4. it starts at 7:30. and then a special primetime summer season of "saturday night live" followed by news 4 at 11:00. show mar write stomari stone wi baltimore for the game tonight. wow, a sky high shot and it's nothing but net. who is behind the basket from a chopper muns of feet in the air. and the weather will be beautiful again today starting off with your morning, your wake-up weather is looking good. we'll be in the low 70s as many of you head outside. coming up, we'll take a look at your afternoon forecast, showers are going to return before the weekend gets here. and a scary attack at a slumber party. the frightening assault that sent one child
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this next story is extremely disturbing. police in new york say that a 12-year-old was arrested after pouring boiling water over a girl at a slumber party. the images you are about to see are disturbing. the family of the victim, the 11-year-old described her as a joyful, fun and energetic girl. police say she was hurt at a sleepover in the bronx earlier this week. she was admitted to a burn unit with second degree burns and the other girl is charged with assault. >> a horrible story
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at the live desk, we're bringing you new pictures from london where a double-decker bus slammed into a store. it is literally wedged in the building and pieces of the shop collapsed into the bus. two women were trapped on the upper deck, but first responders just cut them free. witnesses say there were about a dozen people on the bus and paramedics have rushed at least six people to the hospital. >> was in an accident or do police think somehow it's terror represented? >> too soon to know for sure. london has been on high alert. we know the driver is one of the people who was injured. and right now the bbc is reporting that he lost consciousness before the crash. >> chris, thank you. want to show you these pictures of a crash in georgetown. trying to figure out what caused the driver to go off the road here and run into a row house. this happened last night near the intersection of q and 23rd streets northwest. nobody hurt here, we're told
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probl strunlt all problems with the home either. today we'll learn how rookie d.c. firefighter dane smothers jr. is doing. he was badly hurt last week when a ladder truck hit him. his family will give us an update today. we were there yesterday as the community rallied around the family. the scorched souls motorcycle club held a breakfast benefit on capitol hill. a gofundme page also set up has surpassed its goal in just two days. if you would still like to donate, go to the nbc washington app and search smothers. 6:15. and time to get a check on our weather. and so far so good. >> are you liking it? >> i'm loving it. i had the windows open and everything. >> no heater today. >> none of that. >> we've toughened him up over the years. >> i like it. >> very comfy start for you on a thursday morning. temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s by later on this afternoon. and t
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ultra low humidity days officially coming to an end as we go through the rest of your thursday. skies mostly clear outside this morning. peek a would you rigboo here co just starting to sneak up. it will be a nice day to be outside for sure. currently 68 in washington. and as is typically the case, national arpts oirport one of t warmest locations. once you get away from the city or the water, it's in the upper 50s and low 60s. so a really comfortable day today. temperatures around 82 at lunchtime, 86 the high in downtown today. sun down at 8:09. by that time skies will be mostly cloudy and there is a small chance for rain particularly along and to the west of the shenandoah valley. a couple sprinkles in social west virginia now aiming toward the shenandoah. here is future weather. not much of a rain threat around the city today, but for our friends and neighbors in the shenandoah after
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there could be a stray shower or sprinkle. mainly dry overnight and a dry start to the day tomorrow, but rain becoming more and more likely. here is 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, showers and thunderstorms likely tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening and rain chances like it or not go on into your weekend. saturday most of the rain in all likelihood is before lunch on saturday. and after lunch on sunday. so there should be a couple dry hours on your weekend. but the big thing you'll notice, warmth and the humidity are coming on back. >> fantastic. thanks so much for that. virginia 66 going eastbound, we had the earlier activity that is on the shoulder. so nothing left to look at. the delay that was building getting to manassas should be wrapped up here pretty quickly. 95 northbound, same. accident activity moved to the right shoulder. just a brief delay now in
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car? that is shattered. so hopeful of the fact this isn't a gigantic piece of debris, but crews are being sent out to assist that vehicle. but for now, traffic pattern still pretty light. so be careful if that is your path of travel for you. nothing but net. can you believe it? that is flying high for the globetrotters. he sangk a basket from 210 feet above ground. >> and the globetrotters challenged lebron james to beat that shot. >> no word it that was a two pointer or three-pointer, ten pointer. and another hit a shot from a carnival ride. and i checked, lebron still has not responded. but we'll wait and see. they make it look so easy. >> definitely not. redskins
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down the hours until tonight's preseason game. we're counting, too. see the clock? the team is headed up to baltimore to play the ravens and this morning we're talking to one fan, maybe the fan who has been waiting for tonight's game maybe more than anybody either. >> molette green is inside the massive fan cave in bethesda for us. whatcha got? >> reporter: oh, my goodness, i'm holding right now something very special. this is the first colts game program ever. this is when they played the redskins september 17, 1950. just one of the many thousands of things that you will find in this basement museum. as we come along the way, you can see all the stuff here on the walls, on the floor, even redskins cheer leaders.original uniforms right here. i'm sit down on the bleachers
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from fedex field, club seats. this is samu. this is your museum. this is not a hobby for you, this is your passion. >> yeah, it's been my passion for most of my life. >> reporter: 40 plus years you've been collecting these things. >> yeah, started collecting cards 49 years ago and kind of evolved into memorabilia and stuff that really told the history of the washington redskins. >> reporter: you have thousands of things in here. some that are really priceless, really expensive. some quirky. >> sure. >> reporter: it's amazing. >> yeah, i really like the pieces that tell the story of the team because we have a very rich history. and going back to the days that tells stories. like this is an example of the small amount of protection offered to players. this is the first nonleather helmet that the red
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>> reporter: what rear wyear wa? >> 1949 to 1954. >> reporter: just some of the a hading things that you will find. we can't show it all because there is so much of it here, but it is something every redskins fan would want to see especially on a game day. guys, back to you. >> that is pretty amazing. know let, i have you mention the he has wife. what does she think? >> reporter: he does have a wife. her name is val. she's really cool. but she did tell me that she's ready to go out in the backyard and build her own house, you're not allowed to step in. >> she said i'm allowed to step in, i'm just not allowed to bring anything but a bath robe that is all. >> reporter: because this stuff is busting out of the house. so she needs a space for herself. remember, big surprise coming up a little later in the show. so you have to stay right here for that. back to you. >> i want to know later on wt
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that. >> so many questions. all right. hey, remirnd, you cnder, you cae redskins tonight right here on nbc 4 and then the primetime special, the beginning of the primetime summer series "saturday night live" weekend update begins and then fold by news 4 at 11:00. shomari stone will be in baltimore for us tonight. 6:22. they found their dream home and then they were scammed out of the money that they needed to buy it. and the way these thieves stole their savings could happen to anyone. the warning just ahead. and you've heard them for weddings and for baby showers. now soon to be students are starting gift registries. programs tt will help you takhae
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4 is working for you. you can find all of susan's stories in our app. just search ready 4 school. >> and have you started saving for college yet? chime in on the facebook page and join the conversation. how would you like to find this on your lawn? who is behind this giant inflatable ccken lefthi
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right now at 6:30, a live look outside as we start this thursday morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm angie goff in for eun ya yang. >> let check in with chuck bell and sheena parveen, they are outside on the weather deck with our first look at the forecast this half hour. >> good morning, everybody. i just found this on my facebook page and i'll be tweeting this out. it's the name of your summer cocktail based on your first initial and the month. so i'm a swelter squelcher. >> and i'm a
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>> so if you want to see what yours is, you can follow along. >> certainly follow along, it's a great day. and if you will be doing it outside, read a book, sit outside, head to the pool, another butte tid ofeauty of da. but the rain returns tomorrow and we have showers across the weekend. we'll show you the timing coming up. it's 68 right now in washington, 55 in manassas. the commute though, sun glare this morning but nice dry roads. always good to know on a thursday morning commute, jack taylor. >> sometimes it helps, sometimes it's a hindrance. howard county crews still out with the accident on 70 west before maryland 97. only the left lane is getting by. and it has caused a bit of an early delay. new problem on 66 eastbound, 29 centreville, we had the crash. that cleared, now in the delay 29 centreville you see vdot taking away a single right
6:32 am
chopper 4 has been flying around in maryland, how 270 coming south as you head down toward the lane divide. we should find nothing in your way. this is beltway top side near georgia avenue. again, not a big delay so far early this morning. back to you. i'm justin finch with this morning's top story. a d.c. police officer will not face charges in the shooting death of an unarmed black man last year. now, you may recall there was a lot of dispute as to whether or not officer brian trainer was justified in shooting and killing terrence sterling last year. well, now the u.s. attorney's office saying there was not enough evidence to charge trainer. this sent protesters into the streets venting their frustrations and now mayor bowser is calling for officer trainer to resign. hear from her and much more coming up in a live report at 6:45 a.m. north korea says it is very close to being rea t
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four missiles toward guam. it has a detailed plan, but the leader kim jong-un would have to approve it first. here in the u.s., the pentagon says it's prepared to fire a preemptive strike against north korea. and you have another shot at winning the powerball jackpot because there was no winner last night. the jackpot for saturday stands at $356 million. and tomorrow night's mega millions is at $382 million. one year ago tonight, rescue crews were headed to the scene of a four story apartment building explosion and fire in silver spring. families were sleeping when the building exploded and in seconds their lives were turned inside down. it was chaotic scene. i was there and saw some of it firsthand. and take a look at this, the aftermath shows just a charred apartment building. today that rubble is all gone along what those families once called home. megan mcgrath is there for us at
6:34 am
we mark the somber anniversary. >> reporter: good morning. as you say, this was just a devastating explosion and fire that changed lives forever. here on arliss street, things still aren't back to normal. you can see the fence that spans the entire block here, the empty space behind it, that is where the apartment building once stood. now, in the hours that followed, as people looked for their loved ones, there was a tremendous amount of emotion including this reunion of two frantic parents who were looking for their infant child. [ screams ] >> thafrng ynk you, thank you! >> reporter: now things ended well for that family, but not every story had a happy ending. seven people including two children died, nearly 40 people were hurt. now, investigators still have not handed down an official
6:35 am
although many in the area said that they smelled gas. but one year later, investigators still piecing things together. for the first responders who came here and worked so hard to save lives, this was one of those career-defining moments. >> within the fire service, you see events, you have career-changing events, and events that you do remember always. this will be one of them. >> reporter: and there will be a vigil held tonight at 7:30. expected to last about two hours. people who want to attend should gather in the parking lot on piney branch road across the street from the apartment building. back to you. >> megan, you and i were both out there last year after this explosion happened. there were a lot of questions, a lot of confusion. what has the county done to make sure something like this doesn't happen again? >> reporter: well, certainly they have reviewed their procedures, their protocols,
6:36 am
there is also legislation that has been passed. legislation which has put building -- more building inspectors in place to get out there, look at buildings, make sure that they are safe. there also have been tenant advocates added, those positions added to the office of consumer protection. so if someone has a concern about where they are living, a safety concern, they can now go to one of those vow cadvocates raise it. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. 6:36. you need to be aware of this alarming growing scam in our region. people are targeting new home buyers and taking their money. in the district, a couple lost more than a million and a half dollars. their lawyer says hackers broke into the server of a title company and then e-mailed the couple. the couple had already made a $200,000 deposit. but the e-mail said that they had to pay the rest. >> so they e-mailed back and said we notice this is
6:37 am
and they got an e-mail back again from federal title saying you use a different account for the different types of payments. >> the couple sued the title company and in a written statement federal title told news 4, quote, it continues to work with the fbi as they complete their investigation and, quote, federal title's internal review revealed that no other customers were affected by this attack. a lot of on you twitter having the same reaction to this that i had. come on in. arlington police are telling us about somebody breaking into someone's apartment on clarendon boulevard and cleaning it.resident was on vacation when it happened. things had been moved around. nothingmissing though. no zek descripti no suspect description. >> still creepy. >> but your police is scene. >> i still think that they knew each other. has to be
6:38 am
your skin crawl. the number of rats on the rise in the d.c. area. now the news 4 iteam finding out why there are more than ever in d.c. and what is being
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sun is up and a beautiful morning awaits you afternoon highs will be in the upper 80s. so nice day to be outside. only the slightest chance for a few showers later today primarily out on i-81. how is i-95 and the rest of the roads doing? >> well, we'll start in virginia where it's been slow into centreville. the crash 66 east blocks the right lane. authorities are on scene. 95, virginia going south, crash before the prince yim parkwce w we, police are on scene and right lane is closed. the inflatable chicken outside the white house made to resemble president trump has had a lot of people
6:42 am
morning. we now know the motive behind this, the man who inflated it wants president trump to release his tax returns. this sparked a lot of conversation on social media. the poultry prop appears to be the same one that visited d.c. back in april during the tax march. now, we did check in with the national park service and we understand the protesters did have a permit to do this yesterday. and if you want to head to the nbc facebook page, nbc washington facebook page to learn more, and reportedly it took them five months to get the approval to put that on the lawn. >> got a lot of people's attention clearly. ♪ still ahead, a call for justice. an officer cleared in the shooting of an unarmed man. as protesters take to the streets, d.c.'s mayor is joining their mission. we'll tell you how. plus, getting rid of rodents. what is
6:43 am
on the growing rat problem. >> reporter: and everywhere you look, there is something new and different to see. sunny jerk s sonny jurgensen's cleats that he wore for his last game. coming up, we very a big surprise f aor
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♪ calling out the violence of the racist police ♪ emotions are still raw after the u.s. attorney here in d.c. decided not to charge a d.c. police officer for shooting an unarmed black man. >> officer brian trainer killed terrence sterling in northwest d.c. last september. the 31-year-old was from ft. washington. this case is getting attention from all over the country. #terrence sterling trended on twitter overnight. >> justin finch is live at d.c. police headquarters with more on the fallout over the decision here. >> reporter: after word no charges will be filed in this case, d.c. police will soon begin their own internal investigation. a deep look at the various evidence in this case from witness and officer accounts to surveillance video and much more. this all as supporters of sterling are saying justice in this case so far has not been
6:47 am
served. ♪ we ain't going to stop until our people are free ♪ >> reporter: carrying candles an signs, supporters of sterling held a i think havigilant imin o the u.s. attorney's office to its call to not file charges. officer trainer shot and killed 31-year-old terrence sterling back in september after he crashed into trainer's cruiser in northwest. now a critical issue in this case has been this, officer trainer was found to have turned on his body camera after opening fire. an action mayor bowser has said is damaging to the force. >> our relationship with the community is built on trust. and trust is firmly built on accountability. >> reporter: mayor bowser went on to say that she has heard that police have asked for officer trainer to
6:48 am
they begin that internal affairs investigation. we also know that the sterling family did file a $50 million lawsuit against the d.c. police department. back to you. negotiate, don't escalate. >> this was a different protest irks all about the threat from north korea. protesters gathered outside the white house calling for president trump to decase late the situation and renew diplomatic talks. in spite of calls like that, the world is watching tensions rise between president trump and kim jong-un's regime. north korea i can't now saying it has a detailed plan to fire four missiles toward guam. the pentagon says it'sed eread carry out a preemptive strike if president trump orders an attack. earlier this week the president warned the north that the threat to the u.s. will be met with fire and fury. north korea's state news agency called his warning, quote, a load of
6:49 am
leadership, and now the former director of d.c.'s veterans affairs hospital is back on the payroll. brian hawkens was fired last month after auditors found mismanagement at the facility. he appealed the decision to the merit systems protection board and the board is requiring the v.a. to keep him as an employee until his claim is reviewed. he's been reassigned to administrative duty at v.a. headquarters. we've all seen them scurrying around on the streets and in yards. >> but aside from just creeping us out, rodents can actually have a serious impact on the city's infrastructure. jodie fleischer explains. >> reporter: it's no secret rodents are on the rise here in the d.c. area with nearly 3,000 complaints just this year and one of the leading experts told us they can cause big problems. you might not realize these holes are rat boroughs.
6:50 am
it can cause sidewalks and streets to crumble. >> i see it constantly. i'm allege reminding myself how the rats are taking apart our city. >> reporter: national park service already has about $850 million worth of projects needing funding. and some of the district's lush parks provide natural habitats for the pesky pests. at dusk, our cameras spotted them scurrying across the already cracked pavers. >> certainly if you have rats that are making it worse, adding to that tally, that is something that we're trying to avoid. >> reporter: bait boxes line sidewalks and alleys across the district where cracked sidewalks with holes at either end can mean real trouble. >> they live down in here, dozens and dozens of them. >> reporter: coming up tonight, see how our expert rates d.c.'s rat control efforts and plus what you can learn from the methods they use. jodie fleischer, news 4 iteam.
6:51 am
let's move on to the weather. don't want to talk rats this early in the morning. it looks like the temperature is kreepg up al creeping up all right. >> sheena parveen has a look at the forecast. >> it's absolutely gorgeous. we do have showers moving in tomorrow, though, so keep that in mind before you head out. and they will stick around across the weekend. temperature right now in the district, 68. but everybody else is pretty much in the mid to upper 50s. 64 quantico, 55 front royal and manassas. if you are walking the dog, it this is t-bird available at the rescue. great day to walk the dog though. by noon, 83. very nice, 6:00 p.m. very comfortable mid-80s. don't forget next saturday is clear the shelters. you can find out more on the nbc washington app. we stay dry through tomorrow morning, but notice more clouds move in tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at showers and storms through t
6:52 am
and now here is your saturday unfortunately we do have rain in the forecast for saturday. rain chances for saturday will be higher than sunday especially as we go into monday, but dry after that. let's check your morning commute with jack day totaylor at wtop. we'll start in virginia going south on 95 headed out of lorton, a crash presence william parkway still blocks the right lane. howard county, maryland, 70 west before maryland 97, accident activity has two left lanes getting by. single right is blocked eastbound not affected. chopper 4 is over the outer loop near georgia avenue. typical buildup. by the time you pass the temple, pace improves headed toward 270. 6:52 now. redskins fans have been waiting all year for today. preseason kicks off tonight. >> and there is one redskins fan who doesn't needs anytime to get into the spirit for
6:53 am
game. molette green is live inside his redskins fan cave as he gets ready to watch the skins in action tonight. >> reporter: yeah, we've been calling it a museum and yes it really is like a museum. but it's his private home. real redskins have visited him before and along with other fans. tell me what are some of your favorite things. >> i have joe gibbs' headset, the jersey from 1957. and trey is one of my all-time favorite players. i have six of his skrer cities. this is edward johnson here. >> and we have the big surprise, the big reveal, tray johnsey jo former red skin, this is the surprise. >> how are you doing? >> you wanted to add something to the collection here, right? >> i did.
6:54 am
dropping something off. this is a letter, a fax after i got into that fight this detroit about my fine and everything. so this is something that it's -- and here is the jimmy i was wearing when i got into the fight. it was returned to me. so those two things. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: he did not know about this. what are you thinking? >> i started laughing when i saw him coming downs stairs. i'm like what a great surprise and he brings this, too. you got up to the museum, i love it. a return trip, it's been a while. >> this is the best museum i've seen as far as the redskins. everybody should stop by if he allows it. >> reporter: better than the one at the stadium is pretty good and what surprise right here. back to you. >> wow. that is pretty awesome. by the way, before
6:55 am
inviting people over to the house, you have to check with them. that is so cool. >> pretty cool for working on for tomorrow? >> reporter: i don't know if i can top it, but we'll be at the montgomery county fair. these guys have to talk football. we'll talk about rides, we'll talk about the animals, we'll talk about the food. we'll talk about safety. that is coming up tomorrow. >> all right. molette green live for us in bethesda. pretty cool setup there. thank you. >> what a great morning. tomorrow will be elephant ear or funnel cake, right? what do you call? >> absolutely. today redskins he preseason game tonight on nbc 4. and it starts at 7:30. and then there is the primetime summer season of "saturday night live" beginning after that followed by news 4 at 11:00. shomari stone will be live
6:56 am
6:55. and here are 4 things to know before you head out. the threat from north korea appears to be growing. the country says it's close to a finished plan to fire four missiles at guam. watch the "today" show for team coverage on the crisis from guam and the korean peninsula. d.c. mayor muriel bowser wants officer brian trainer to resign after finding out he won't face charges in a deadly shooting. trainer shot and killed terrence sterling last year. sterling was unarmed. you can learn more about the story in the nbc washington app. today marks one year since the tragic apartment explosion. two children were among the accept who di seven who died. a vigil is planned for tonight. the information is this our nbc washington app. and there was no jackpot winner last night, so next chance is saturday. estimated at 356 m$356 million. and tomorrow night's mega millio
6:57 am
million. and here are some lucky numbers for you. power ball only goes up to 58 or 60. any way, rain chances increasing by tomorrow and rain chance both chances of the weekend, but no day will be a total washout. >> thank you, that is the "news 4 today." "today" is coming up next. >> and we'll fwlak back in 25 m with more local weather and traffic.
6:58 am
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good morning. target america. target america, a top north korean general says plans are being finalized to fire four missiles at the key u.s. territory of guam as nbc news learns the u.s. has prepared a plan of its own to strike north korea using b-1 bombers. we're live in guam and on the korean peninsula. sonic weapon, a series of bizarre incidents in cuba apparently leaves u.s. diplomats with severe hearing loss, with that a deliberate attack. going up, those massive lottery jack spots soar even higher after no one wins powerball overnight. the combined prize now inching toward a billion dollars. the next drawing tomorrow night.


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